The Arthritis Society Funds Medical Marijuana Research For Fibromyalgia


The Arthritis Society recently announced that it will be conducting more research on marijuana’s ability to help treat fibromyalgia. Below is a press release about it. Hopefully the research leads to breakthroughs that help as many people as possible:

The Arthritis Society has announced the winner of its latest research grant for the study of medical cannabis and arthritis. McGill University’s Dr. Mark Ware, who has garnered a worldwide reputation as a leader in pain research, will lead a trial examining the use of oral cannabinoids for fibromyalgia – a disease that inflicts chronic pain on some 520,000 Canadians, most of them women.

The study was selected from among several proposals submitted by Canadian researchers to receive the three-year grant, following an extensive peer review process by an impartial volunteer panel of cross-disciplinary medical and scientific experts as well as arthritis health consumers.

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